Articles by Mich Masoch available online

Erotica & BDSM Articles:

BDSM IMHO: The First Rule of Kink Club (The Kink Cocoon) : Whack Magazine

Utter Abandon (short story) : Bibliophile Érotique : Darling House

Interview Features:

The Degenerate Art of Nick Kushner : Lip Service Webzine

The Steampunk Art of John Harris : Lip Service Webzine

Vampyrotic Interviews The Last Vegas’ Chad Cherry : Vampyrotic

Movie & Book Reviews

Beast in the Basement (Jason Arnopp) : Plastic Hassle

Queen of Blood (Planet of Blood) : Vampyrotic

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter : Vampyrotic

Strigoi : Vampyrotic

Event & Venue Reviews:

This Night Goes to Eleven! 11.11.11 (The Stars are Maligned) at Studio Servitù : Lip Service Webzine

Nick Kushner Exhibit at Studio Servitù: A Night of Firsts : Lip Service Webzine

Summer of Sin! (Review of Exxxotica) : Lip Service Webzine

Singing with Porn Stars: L.A.’s Naughtiest Institution, Porn Star Karaoke! : Lip Service Webzine

Kicking Off Summer with a Bang (and SMASH!): Lip Service at Studio Servitù : Lip Service Webzine

Spring in L.A.’s Creative Underground: The Grand Opening of Studio Servitù (2.0) : Lip Service Webzine

Read more of Mich’s arts & culture articles at Plastic Hassle

Read Mich’s food & recipe blog articles at Plastic Hassle



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